Millie Gets Her Filter

Millidscf0836-croppede was the inspiration for the Fiji Water Filtration project.  You can see her with her daughters on the project banner.  Here she and Debra are heading to her village of Waivunia to install her own filter system!  No wonder she is smiling.

In the video below, Millie’s son Isso explains how water gets to Waivunia Village.


Safe Cool Drinking Water Made Easy

DSCF0096How to geDSC04317 croppedt a drink of water BEFORE Safe Water Station: Gather sticks, put on fire, fill pot from stream, boil water, pour into cup to cool, wait 20 minutes.  Drink.

How to get a drink of water AFTER Safe Water Station: Fill glass from spigot.  Drink.

Is it any wonder children in families with Safe Water Stations are staying hydrated and healthy?