Point Loma Rotary Makes 300 Safe Water Stations

20160925_103802-croppedPoint Loma Rotary Club and friends cut and notched lumber to make 300 Safe Water Stations.  It took 3 days to make 900 legs, 600 shelves and 300 signs. 20161002_115047

The parts will be painted and shipped to Fiji for assembly and distribution by Savusavu Rotary.

2 Responses to Point Loma Rotary Makes 300 Safe Water Stations

  1. With so many people struggling after cyclone Winston, why weren’t local contractors awarded the contract to build these stands? Seems like a lost opportunity to increase the effect of aid.

    • Good point! We used local contractors in the past and the cost limited the number of Safe Water Stations we could build. This technique is saving the project money – resulting in more Safe Water Stations for more families. We will try to work out a plan to involve local contractors again in the future.

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