Disease in the Water

Fijian villages suffer chronic outbreaks of water borne diseases like typhoid, leptospirosis, and dysentery. These diseases effect everyone in the family; the men and women who miss work, the grandparents at home taking care of the babies and the children who are absent from school because they are sick with diarrhea.

This tropical paradise of rainforest and lush vegetation does not have safe drinking water. Rainwater stored in volcanic rock catchments is contaminated with disease from vegetation and runoff, particularly after heavy rains.

According to the Fiji government, 50% of all Fijians use disease laden water sources such as the pond in the picture.  The Fiji government tells Fiji villagers to boil all their water prior to consumption!  Serious diseases pop up in every village and right now villages in the Savusavu area of Vanua Levu are designated “hot spots” with dangerous water borne diseases.